FILM: Trailer Alert – David Tennant in Bad Samaritan, Krypton reveals Brainiac, Halle Berry Returns in Kings!


We’ve all heard the term “good Samaritan” before. Usually something you call someone that you never expected to do something nice for you. Well this movie is going to be the exact OPPOSITE. Quite literally, it’s called Bad Samaritan. What really caught me when I saw this trailer was not how captivating the setting was or the attractive girl or any of that. It was this man here:

See the source image

Yes, David freaking Tennant! Getting his start as the amazing 10th Doctor on the revived Doctor Who series, Tennant has shown us a wide array of roles that he can perform. From the titular hero of Doctor Who to the downright awesome villain in Netflix’s Jessica Jones. And he does it again in Bad Samaritan. Showing us what monstrous human villainy is. Check out the trailer below now! (Please)

Holy Sh*t. David Tennant is amazing. For me personally, I cannot wait to see this. Just a little more than a month to go. Bad Samaritan releases March 30, 2018 in theaters.

Other trailers that dropped in the last day or so include the reveal of Braniac for SYFY’s Krypton, as well as Halle Berry returning in Kings. Both are below. Enjoy those…but seriously…Tennant…




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