Social Media: Snapchat’s Newest Update Sparks User Outrage

The newest update for Snapchat is live and it’s got a ton of the app’s users in an uproar. Let’s get to the bottom of this with a quick recap of the situation.

Snap officials launched the rather large update stating that the newly redesigned features should eliminate the vast majority of users that complain about Snapchat being difficult to navigate and use to the fullest extent possible. As a user myself, I can honestly say that I was one of those people. Beyond the very typical uses , I learned a lot about how the app works and it’s finer, more unique features from friends and seasoned users. Officials say it’ll make the app more intuitive and user friendly once the smoke settles.

However, a large portion of the Snapchat community are really unhappy with the update and how it’s changed the layout and features they were so used to using, most of which on a daily basis. Users took to their respective social media outlets to vent their rage, demanding that they make the older version available instead of “force updating” the app for users that don’t want to have anything to do with it, some ever going as far and throwing around the idea of petitioning for the older version. Others simply urged their friends to avoid the update for as long as possible.

So what’s really all that different?

The app still opens directly to the camera as before, but if users swipe left, they’ll be taken to the new “friends” page with friends listed in order of most to least interacted with. Your direct messages, group messages and snaps will all be found here as well. Swiping to the right will bring up the new “discover” section, with content ordered by relevance to you- from creators, publishers and communities. Discover also will now be presented vertically, as opposed to the older, horizontal scrolling style.

Snapmap is still a feature and will be located on said discover page under the search section. As for stories, managing yours will be done through your profile page and group chats will have their own stories. To see your story views and deleted snaps, or return to the camera, you’ll need to tap the Snapchat logo. To rewatch someone’s story is now a hassle. You’ll have to go to their specific profile if you want to get a second glance.

From a consumer standpoint, I can certainly understand the outrage at the reimagining, especially when a few tweaks would’ve solved a lot of the major issues. As for the devs, I’m sure they have a great reason for thinking this will be better for the app overall. Even in the face of all the backlash, they remain unflinchingly optimistic that folks will come around. Could this be the death of our ghostly friend? Looks like only time will tell what’s in store for the future of Snapchat. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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