FILM: Trailer Alert!


In case anyone has been a little behind on upcoming movies then allow this article to bring your attention to a few approaching titles. No we aren’t saying that these will or will not be blockbusters but who knows. We would just like you to informed the Player Way!

1. Deep Blue Sea 2

Yes, you did read that title correctly. The follow-up to the 1999 shark thriller where Samuel L. Jackson makes one of his signature and laughable exits. Image result for deep blue sea gifs

Poor, Jackson. Anyway, the basic premise of the movie hasn’t seemed to change much. Man wants to justify their playing God by trying to control one of natures most feared creatures and expect nothing to backfire(sounds like quite a few monster movies). Check out the new trailer below!

It’s probably safe to assume Samuel L. Jackson will not be making a return.

Release: July 1, 2018 (US)

2. Dundee

Ok, so I won’t lie. I am actually pretty happy about this one even though I realize that it probably won’t be all that great. Personally, I am a fan of Danny McBride and with the addition of Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, I feel it will be an entertaining movie to say the least. Now, if you’re hoping it will be similar to the old ‘Crocodile Dundee’ film series, the first releasing in 1986, please do not hold your breath. After all, this is Danny McBride we’re talking about. Rated good or bad, I just want to laugh at some corny jokes.

And for added bonus…

Release: Summer 2018

3. Super Troopers 2

Yes, I know. Announced a little over a week ago, the team at The Broken Lizard have returned with their sequel to the cult classic Super Troopers. Before production started the team had such a following that they started a crowd-funding campaign to make it happen. And here we have it. Releasing in April(4/20 to be exact) this will be a silly sequel filled with shenanigans to an even sillier beginning-also filled with shenanigans.

Image result for super troopers snozberries gif

A silly sequel that I myself will be going to see if I’m being honest. While the critics may not enjoy it, the first movie did have an audience rating of 90% viewers liking it according to Rotten Tomatoes, and that’s with 250,000+ user ratings. Knowing the The Broken Lizard’s previous films, this installment will, more than likely, be rated R.

Always remember,

Image result for super troopers snozberries gif


Release: April 20, 2018


Thanks for checking out this edition of the Trailer Alert!


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