GAMES: Preview-Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo is at it again. After a five year hiatus from the main series Dynasty Warriors is coming back to our console and PC screens. Dynasty Warriors became one of the most popular hack-and-slash franchises in the world with numerous spinoffs originating from 1997 for PlayStation(now on Xbox, PC and different handheld systems).

Announced back in late 2016, it was said by officials that the transition from DW7 to DW8 was not enough and did not meet the company’s standards. With the announcement of Dynasty Warriors 9, the developers at Omega Force and publishers Koei Tecmo have introduced DW9 as the franchises first open-world installment in the series. We do know that it will allow travel by foot, horseback, and boat. DW9 will have all the characters from DW8 plus a few additions. Bringing the character count to around 90 playable characters! That’s quite a few people to play as.Image result for dynasty warriors 9 The game will also utilize a day-night cycle, allowing you to change your fighting style on a need to basis. Bringing in an open-style gameplay will also involve more strategy as you may be faced with choices on locations to go and things to do. The game will have different types of missions to complete; some to advance the story, other side missions to help make things easier later on possibly. With this style of gameplay you also have a hideout, or central hub where your characters can decorate and meet and serve as the social center for in-game play.

Dynasty Warriors 9 has changed a few elements which could give it a high replayability rating. Adding more than just choosing a fight and swinging around whatever crazy weapon you have and that being the end of it. Now there is more purpose.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available in the US February 13, 2018. Are you going to get it?

Tell us what you think of the return to the main series for Dynasty Warriors with their new installment!


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