GAMES: Routine-Will we see it?

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are fans and follow the survival-horror genre have probably heard about Routine over the years. Why do I say ‘years’? That’s because the game has been in development for over five years. It’s not the norm anymore to have a game in development that long but when the entire development team is comprised of less than five people I would say they get some leeway. Kudos to them for being committed to their brainchild and working hard on it.

Routine looks to be astoundingly frightening. You start the game alone on an abandoned moon base and you need to find out why or where everyone else is gone. One thing, you’re not alone. “But you just said-” yeah calm down Buster Brown. No one else is with you. But while trekking around the empty silent moon abode you have to be wary of the emotionless killing robot, worse than Terminator’s T-800, wandering the station. Considering this is centered around an 80’s vision of the future I’d say there is no having tea time with the tin man. Who knows, the lifeless killer could just be following its ‘sub-ROUTINE’ and you a threat. Or maybe it actually did shove everyone out the airlock? Either way it’ll be an intense showdown. Just remember, no one can hear your screams in space.

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But I like tea

The developers have said that there are different paths to take for completing the game which offers opportunity to explore more of what the station has to offer. Taking from it’s genre predecessors such as Alien: Isolation and Dead Space, Routine is sure to be another thrilling chapter in the genre. Unfortunately, Lunar Software has pushed back the release date a couple of times. Originally slated for March 2017, the developers were not satisfied and believed they have more to offer the player upon release. Maybe Electronic Arts should take note.

When it finally does find its way to our screens fans will undoubtedly gobble up what Lunar has made(sorry, still in the Thanksgiving spirit). And that’s what the gamers want. Routine will be available for PC and Mac.

If you have yet to see anything about Routine check out the trailer and short gameplay below:

What are your thoughts on this new entry into the genre?


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