GAMES: Call of Duty WW2-Review

The Short Answer

Okay, so by now, I have been able to play around quite a bit with the recently released Call of Duty: WW2. To put it bluntly, It’s great. Plain and simple. Something that the franchise has missed for quite a while. Trying too hard to go over the top in their futuristic installments, this years release has pleased many players and critics.


In my opinion, Call of Duty(CoD) has always done a decent job coming up with interesting stories if nothing else. WW2 took it further with a story we were familiar with yet added their own twists of conflicts whether between your squad mates or against the Nazi opposition. WW2 had a great cast and Josh Duhamel was phenomenal. The way Sledgehammer and Activision developed his character throughout the journey was something all on its own and blended well within the campaign. Seeing the darkness in his character surface and then adding an understanding for him makes this story just like a movie. That’s pretty much what it was; along with playable scenes.

My campaign score: 9


Alright, this may sound harsh but I did not feel that CoD:WW2‘s multiplayer had evolved into the next level of gaming. It’s absolutely true that Call of Duty helped revolutionize competitive gaming but recent years have shown less innovation and WW2 is definitely fast-paced and entertaining(in my case frustrating because I’m not that good anyway). WW2 has now changed the multiplayer hub to act as a headquarters for your character to run around and visit different sections such as firing range to tryout new weapons you unlock, scorestreak training, weapon customization and others. It’s a neat addition to the game. What I have enjoyed most about the new multiplayer is the new ‘War’ mode they introduced. Allowing two six-man teams to tackle different objectives in a match-generally one side attacks an objective while the other defends and then they switch sides. It’s a fun mode but it’s limited. Each map-and there aren’t many in this mode mind you-offers three main lanes to play through to complete your task. It feels almost constricting. In the future, I would like to see more maps and more ways to get the objectives done. Even making bigger maps and adding more space for more players would be fun, like Battlefield or Star Wars: Battlefront-maybe not to that scale but the concept works. All-in-all, multiplayer retains its competitiveness and adds neat little changes.

Multiplayer score: 8.0

Nazi Zombies

Image result for Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies

Probably my favorite aspect of this CoD release, as well as a fan favorite in general, is the ‘Zombies’ survival mode. First introduced back in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War, just about every Call of Duty released since has featured a ‘Zombies’ mode in some form or fashion. WW2‘s version of the survival mode is fantastic. Bringing in an awesome cast to be apart of the new edition of ‘Zombies’ helps set this one up there with the best of them. Who can argue with David Tennant, Elodie Yung, Ving Rhames, and Kathryn Winnick, as well as Udo Kier. I love what they have done with this iteration. They have made it more objective based rather than wave-based survival, meaning there’s more of a point and a plot to go a long with it which is fantastic because it keeps people interested. Match that with customized loadouts for your character. Not that fighting waves of undead Nazis wasn’t fun to begin with but now there’s more to do a long the way.

Zombies score: 9.4

I look forward to see what additions the developers can come up with when updates begin to come out. A lot to keep you entertained with till then though!!


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