Music: Jay Z aptly keeps Chester Bennington’s Memory – A Look Back at a Cry For Help

 A few days ago, Jay Z appeared on BBC Radio’s Live Lounge and while he performed an entertaining set, he chose to dedicate part of his set in memory of, Chester Bennington. Take a look.

These days, such a display is rare and something special, because so much that happened over the summer is already deemed “old news.” Here at the Play Your Way Network, we took the news hard due to the nature of Chester’s exeunt from life. Especially because his band’s music turned out to be a constant cry for help and source of therapy for those of us who suffer angst and depression in silence.

The most prophetic of all of Linkin Park’s music (at it pertains to Bennington’s Death) was their latest album “One More Light.” And even more eerie, were some of the interviews Chester gave in the promo for the album. Take a look at this one in particular:

It’s evident that Chester took Chris Cornell’s death very personally and chose to keep his friend’s memory fresh, which could have been the straw that broke the proverbial back in an apparent long struggle with depression. 

If you struggle with depression – please seek help and counsel with those who want to help. Mental Heath is real and while socially still isn’t fully appreciated, Chester Bennington’s life and death will always be a beacon for those who seek help. Thank you Chester, we still miss you.


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