GAMES: Days Gone-Changing What We Know About Zombie Survival Games

What makes a good story-driven zombie game, or any good story driven game for that matter? Replayability. Good replayability isn’t easy to come by. You need a compelling narrative, characters that can be related to and memorable to the player. Most games nowadays are all about multiplayer and the competitive nature. But for players who enjoy playing story modes they look for something that can make them feel the adventure is right in front of them, be immersed in what’s happening and control certain aspects of the adventure they are on.

These are things that Bend Studios’ Days Gone is bringing to the table. An open-world action-adventure game set in the harsh wilderness of the Pacific Northwest a couple of years after a global pandemic. Playing as the drifter/bounty hunter Deacon St. John who travels the tragic and lonely road fighting for survival not only from the ravenous zombie horde, but human marauders and the unforgiving environment. It’s about how when we are faced with tragedy and devastation we search for the reason to live-hope.

Days Gone was announced last year with the most stressful zombie chase I’ve ever seen in a game, which can be seen here:

I know what some of you are thinking though, “Oh man, another zombie shooter. Great.” (with as much enthusiasm as a rock has for being where it is) but that’s not all Days Gone has to offer. The ability to choose ones own play style in the game makes for unique development. There is no pre-determined path that you have to follow. Meaning that you can go through different scenarios in different ways.

View here:

For side-by-side comparison:


Now from gameplay demos, Days Gone, looks immaculate in terms of visuals and making the player feel absorbed into the game itself. If it can deliver on its core components of story telling and the choosing ones own path, then the replayability of Days Gone will surely make it “Game of the Year” material.

There has not been an official word on the release date but Amazon is taking pre-orders.

Days Gone release date: Early 2018
Platforms: PS4 w/PS4 Pro support
Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action-adventure, Survival Horror


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