SPORTS: Dana White’s Thoughts Regarding The Big Fight and Jon Jones Fallout

You couldn’t write this stuff for a Hollywood blockbuster, even if you tried. Like a bad season finale of Entourage, this week we’re seeing 1) the biggest fight since Mayweather/Pacquiao going down on PPV this week for over a c-note per rental and 2) on the same week, news breaks that suspected doper, Jon Jones is suspected of doing just that.

Dana White went on Undisputed on FS1 to break his silence on his POV on both spectacles. Take a look and we’ll talk!

Thoughts on Mayweather/McGregor:

First of all, the best thing for both sports (Boxing & MMA) is for the perceived newcomer to win the night. If McGregor wins, the prestige of UFC (and MMA in general) rises to become the new proving ground of “real fighters.” If Mayweather wins, then nothing happens – everyone who says “he (Connor) was who we thought he was,” and it’s business as usual. So if you want excitement, don’t snap into a processed beef snack, bet on Mac.

Thoughts on Jones/Cormier:

While it’s still early to make any final calls – the likelihood of Jon Jones being the victim of a false positive is slim to null. The folding money is best bet on Jones being a TRT doper. The truth is not nearly as sad, as it is strange. For Jon Jones to continue rounds of TRT after already being singled out in the past, means Daniel Cormier is a LOT more intimidating than we all gave him credit for. Just to have that edge, he risked it all one more time. Only time will tell what will happen next. In the meantime, get your popcorn ready, fight fans!



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