FILM: Watercooler Talk – Ben Affleck OUT as Batman in the upcoming film

As reported earlier today in Comic Book Movie it looks like Ben Affleck is out as Batman in the upcoming standalone film, and the movie will take place independently of the DECU. With all of today’s news, we asked some of the staff their thoughts on the situation with a simple question.

“How do you feel about the statements from Matt Reeves regarding the upcoming DC film, The Batman?” Here’s the response from the staff:

@PlayLifeYourWay (IG) “It’s clear that whatever this movie was supposed to be under Affleck’s direction and starring, only remains intact in title. Marvel created the blueprint for extended universe film franchises. If it’s another timeline…if it’s another actor…if it’s another EVERYTHING it’s not part of the DCEU…period. By this director’s definition via his statements thus far of ‘universe,’ technically Watchmen and Burton’s Batman movies are also part of the DCEU.”

@corruptingthesystem (IG) ” I feel completely hopeless for the entire DC Cinematic Universe. The obvious lack of shared Vision between all these writers and directors, actors speaking out of turn, different stories coming out of the Woodworks. It just lets me know that DC has no foothold in the theatrical platform to bring those characters to life on the big screen. Not at this time.”

@npgpx (IG) “I think it’s a matter of there isn’t a cohesive vision for their cinematic universe. No one seems to want to play in the sandbox that Snyder created. In addition to myriad of other projects announced, I’d be surprised if this movie even gets off the ground. We have to hope that Warner Bros has the foresight to not create multiple timelines and confuse the average movie goer.”

@alexdmaldo: “This once again shows the issues with DC and Warner Brothers trying to fast track a universe to compete with Marvel. Marvel took time to cultivate characters and a set universe before Avenger’s was released. DC rushed into all of this hoping to cash in. This is just the latest misstep in a series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this news is the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to consumer’s confidence in Warner Bros and DC’s ability to make a good movie outside of Wonder Woman.”


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