FILM: Annabelle: Creation, A Review

Annabelle: Creation is the 4th movie in the Conjuring “universe” by release date, but it is the 1st chronologically. The movie is about the origin of the Annabelle doll, and that’s really most of the plot. Fair warning, when it comes to a prequel horror film I feel like nothing stated is truly a spoiler, but I will be talking about plot points throughout the review.

Annabelle is a movie that with a set universe should be able to follow it’s own rules well, unfortunately it doesn’t. The movie starts with a family of three, with Annabelle being the only daughter. As they are driving home from church they get a flat tire, and as a car is driving by Annabelle runs out in front of it, and gets killed. Flash forward 12 years, and we have a group of Orphan girls taking a bus to the family’s home.

Weird things start to happen, as a girl with a limp leg starts to notice paranormal things, she opens the door to Annabelle’s room, and eventually opens the door to where the doll is hidden away. We are told later that the doll was put away in this room to keep the demon locked away, but the demon creates mischief without the door opening, and seems to work independently of the doll. This doll should be the driving plot device, but this movie sets rules up haphazardly and then breaks them almost immediately.

Play Your Way Network Rating: ★★★

The movie does have it’s scary moments, and it did a good job of making me jump every now and again, but you could see scares coming. If there is one major prop I can give the movie, it’s that the lighting was appropriately creepy.  Annabelle isn’t a terrible movie, but it isn’t good either. It isn’t a movie I’d recommend spending your time or money with.  If you’re looking for a scary movie with a shaky plot, almost no blood, and a few jump scares, you’re better off saving your money and finding something on Netflix.


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