Culture: An Appeal to the Voices in the Wake of Charlottesville

It’s 4am and I’m awakened with a mind unrested. I chose to try my best to ignore what was going on, to dismiss the ugliness of Charlottesville – but in the wake of the [fill in the blank] acts of outward hate, I’m finding that the conversations I’m being asked to have are somewhat off the pulse. To be clear, here’s what David Duke said about the intent of the protest while on site in Virginia,

“This represents a turning point for the people of this country…We are determined to take our country back, we’re going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, and that’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump.”

I’m not going to examine further who Duke was referring to with “we” and “our country.” Why? Because it’s clear what he and his constituents stand for…there’s no argument about that. So what is perplexing me (and should be to you as well) is why on IG, Facebook, Youtube and in the media, the debate is shifting away from healing from this genital herpes-like flare up of blatant racial hatred? It started with our current president failing to bring us together as a country, as George W. Bush did in the wake of 9/11. And since then, I’m seeing some ugly stuff and hurtful conversations taking place. So, if you are seeing this happen, you have an opportunity, dare I say responsibility to reset the conversation to keep the focus where it belongs. I summed up my feelings in a Facebook post I made earlier this morning, that I’d like to share below. I’d emplore you to read and then watch the video at the end of this editorial. Thanks for your time, and do know…I want so much for an America that still deserves to be blessed. I hope she still exists:

Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone in between, respectfully) – Please stop talking/commenting for a second and in your mind remember one word – TACT. Defined it is the “adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.” Your ability to be tactful is evidence of your intelligence and integrity.

The problem with not admitting that white nationalism is still a thing, skirting the fact that intentionally sparking violence under the guise of “peaceful protest” is supporting bigotry, joking about punching nazis, and arguing on Facebook in the pursuit of placing blame – is that they are are all disgusting manifestations of what is wrong with us as a country in regard to not prioritizing healing from the injustices of days gone by.

So before you go into your analysis of who is to blame for the terrible acts, before you go on your defensive about the rights of oppressive forces regaining the iron throne again setting us back over 50 years of progress, before you decide to proliferate the rhetoric of fighting this agenda by punching people (whether you are joking or not), and before you decide to be a badass by trolling people on social media during such a serious conversation…take a deep breath and remind yourself to practice TACT.

Stephen Colbert, thank you for practicing sensitivity to an ugly ritual that we all should condemn (prior to pushing our agendas) and not allow to be protected by the farce of calling it “peaceful protest.” And as a heads up. I’m not about to argue with anyone about this…so you use your comment to push any conversation other than one of tactfulness and healing, it will be deleted. This is not the time for debate – it is time to introspectively reflect and outwardly offer condolences.



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