Rumor Rundown – Netflix Acquires Millarworld, Lion King casting is in full swing, and teases galore.

Happy Monday folks!! News seems to be coming in Hot and Heavy today, so instead of bombarding you all with 6 different articles, we have them all neatly gathered in one place for you. The main headline of the day is the EXCITING news that Netflix makes a bold move is differentiating their comic adaptation lineup as they announce the acquisitions of Millarworld, which is the home of Kick-Ass and Kingsman. This is crazy considering their deep ties to Marvel Studios with all of the Defenders making their nest at Netflix. Click the links below for this and more news. PLUS if they got Millarword, we can for sure expect the newest Kingsman to premiere there soon…trailer gloriousness after the drops:

Netflix has announced that they acquired Millarworld, known for comics such as Kick-Ass and Kingsman (via Netflix)

The first man to ever don the Godzilla costume, Haruo Nakajima, has passed away (via International Business Times)

Alfre Woodard joins the cast for The Lion King live action remake (via Hollywood Reporter)

And last, but certainly not least, we get our first look at Josh Brolin as Cable for the upcoming Deadpool 2 (via Reddit user indig0sixalpha)





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