FILM: Dunkirk, a review

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s first attempt at a movie centered around World War II. The film is about Allied soldiers from multiple countries being surrounded by the German army, and evacuated on the harbor of Dunkirk during the fierce battle of France. To create Dunkirk, Nolan drew inspiration from films like ‘Foreign Correspondent’ all the way to ‘ Chariots of Fire.’


The film takes place in three parts simultaneously, all culminating to a head in the third act. It’s non-linear in the traditional Nolan fashion. Every moment in the film you feel trapped and helpless alongside the soldiers. From the outset this film doesn’t hold back any punches. You feel the impact of every scene, and every moment. War is damaging, and from opening scene to end credits you feel the force of the battle.

Play Your Way Network Rating: ★★★★★

Dunkirk is a film you need to be prepared for, but it is nothing short of spectacular.

In what may be Christopher Nolan’s best work, Dunkirk does a phenomenal job of having the viewer feel everything that is being displayed on screen. The cinematography is beautiful, while still feeling grounded. This isn’t a story that glorifies war, rather, it makes war feel real. Death feels inevitable, and every moment you’re in the action, you wonder how we could have avoided this. Dunkirk is a film you need to be prepared for, but it is nothing short of spectacular. It is a must watch in every sense of the term.

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