GAMES: Pokemon Go goes Legendary! New Trailer Reveals Anticipated Release Info

Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone in between) they are finally here. Coinciding with the July 22nd Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, Niantic has released a sexy new trailer to get us all excited for this weekend.

Take a look below and feast your eyes:

This cinematic gives more life to the rumor that legendaries would be released as a world-wide participation component of the Chicago-based event. So you still have a few days, time to plug those pokemon in gyms and earns some quick coins, because you’ll need them. According to PokemonGo Hub (

we have just completed our Asset Analysis (analysis of static APK assets like images, icons and texts) of the 0.69.0 Pokémon GO update, and it’s incredible! More than a hundred new images were added, but what surprised us the most were all the required assets for Legendary Raids.

In that same post, several new assets are listed (if you wanna see in detail, click here) but the most telling is the “legendary raid pass.” Now if you’ll excuse me … I need to add money to my iTunes account … it’s going to be a legendary weekend.



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