FITNESS: Your Summer 2017 Fitness Guide

As if it wasn’t evident enough, today marks the first day of Summer. Now is the designated season to stunt, show off those gains, and parade around that smoking body that’s been hiding in pants and button downs during those bleak 9-5 work hours, right? Can’t do that without the correct tools or guidance of course.

Its blazing hot outside and of course we’re all actively balancing work, school, family life, fitness, etc. Lets make the transition a little easy for you by giving you guys a couple of things to try out to maximize on the fitness avenue that’ll help yourself and others, The Player Way.



1: Sweet Gear Check-in

I discovered this gem a few days ago while in Vitamin Shoppe purchasing some whey protein. The Smart Shake is the fusion product we’ve all been waiting for. The Original Series contains three different sectionals that can be used for various needs.

The bottom layer can hold a full large scoop of protein (or two mid size scoops), or small items to snack on within a couple ounces.

The middle compartment is good for storing your supplement pills, small fruits, pre-workout scoops with ease. The shaker itself is phenomenal, and honestly it gets much credit due to the filter that goes along with the shaker.

We all know the godawful feeling of mixing a shake, only to have a large clump of that turn our shake into what is now a crunchy mesh of jello pudding and peanut brittle. The filter in Smart Shake allows for easy breaking up of powder, giving you a consistency with your protein and not a clumpy mix.

You’ ll love this shake for the gym and even if you’re taking a day to hike or bike ride, those compartments come in handy for easy storage. Seriously, go grab one. They’re very easy on the wallet as well.


2: Incorporate Wellness Into All Aspects of Vacationing

Lets be honest, vacationing can have a slight affect on personal fitness.  You want to be able to get gains, but also have a couple of drinks while out and about and not feel like you’re totally off track with your macro balance and muscle stimulation.

Yes, you can do so, but its good to:

  • Keep a dedicated work out regiment of 3-4 days of gym for at least 45 minutes a day
  • Count your macro intake or estimate as closely as you can what you should intake for efficiency.
  • Avoid overtly sugary drinks, excess beer (straight liquor is best, light beer, and low calorie drink chasers are fine)
  • Hydrate often (Water, not sports drinks)
  • If there aren’t weights nearby, bring some resistance bands on vacation with you, do body weight workouts or go for a scenic run.
  • Dancing burns calories. Go salsa or bachata your ass off!

Follow these steps and you wont regret any bad decisions from your vacation. Well, at least not in the realm of fitness!

3: A Workout Playlist is a Summertime Major Key

I honestly cannot get anything started in the gym without my go-to playlist or favorite podcast (ahem, The Player Way). That said, make sure you have your favorite streaming account set up with divided playlists, and one specifically for crunch time in the gym. I’m privy to Spotify and iTunes. Sweat out your pain and misery in the gym to some of the dopest EDM or trap music.

Be on the lookout for a Play Your Way Network Spotify playlist coming soon, on that note.


4: Encourage Others and Motivate Through Actions


A friend of mine and I jokingly created a group dedicated to fitness under a moniker of religious basis called the “United Church of Gains(that’s me re-racking weights, btw) . We initially didn’t think this would be more than a quick catch phrase taken as an inside joke between us both, but once we got some traction around the positive affects of fitness, it took one a few months before it became a movement that was locally known and that people wanted to be a part of due to the positive results that people were seeing.  All members feel valued and listened to, despite their differences in where they may be with their goals.

That said, you never really know what type of influence you have on others, as people watch you progress and may be simply motivated from the drive you show on a daily. Summer is going to be full of individuals that are trying quick fix remedies to lose weight or have skewed views on how to get into decent shape.

Instead of insulting or patronizing those for not having the right answers,  kindly ask what they wish to attain in their personal journey and how to reach their goals with professional grade instruction in dieting, fitness and tracking of macros for their anticipated results. They’re most likely to stick by it and will appreciate your approach much more.


Positive vibes to you.






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