PODCAST: Ep. 7 – Did Wonder Woman Save DC? A Critical Analysis

PODCAST: Ep. 7 – Did Wonder Woman Save DC? A Critical Analysis

Nate returns! Fresh from Korea, Nate rejoins co-captains Derreck and BK for an in-depth analysis of DC’s attempt to win back marketshare using the princess of Themyscira, aka Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Amazing film but not without its issues, they break it down for you the player way. This episode is 100% amazonian, and ready for action!

Recorded in a single take from Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), and Atlanta (GA)
by Nathan Petersen, Derreck Lewis and BK Jackson
Our Opening Theme is titled “Bound” by Ricky Remedy courtesy of Elysian Records
and our closing theme is titled “Coconut King Diaries” by Zahnder. You can find music by both Ricky Remedy and Zahnder on SoundCloud.
And remember, no matter what choices you make or paths you follow – just make sure you do it the player way.
Thanks for listening to The Player Way Podcast and see you next week!
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