Father’s Day Gift Guide

Do you have a coworker, friend or loved one who is about to spend his first Father’s Day as a dad? Whether he’s an expectant father or he’s already got a little bundle of joy, Father’s Day is one to celebrate. This is an exciting point in his life — after nine long months, he has a new little person to love (and be responsible for)! Being a new father definitely has its ups and its downs (cue sleepless nights and diaper duty), but nonetheless Father’s Day should be a time to celebrate the new dad.

The way I see it, there are two ways you can go with his Father’s Day gifts. One, you could get him a practical gift that will make his life as a dad that much easier (and trust us, he probably needs it). Think a suave carry-all diaper bag or an alarm clock that will make the early mornings a little less painful. Or you could find him a gift that will pamper him. He’s been taking care of mom (rightly so) all throughout her pregnancy, and he’s about to spend the next 18 years putting his little guy/girl first. Safe to say: Dad might need a little R&R for himself — think a subscription to a beer club, some new gear to stay active and fight the dad bod, or a gift that will make his day-to-day life a little less stressful.

Without further ado, I’ve gathered my favorite gifts catered to current, new or expecting dads. While you can’t give him the gift of sleep, we guarantee he will at least appreciate these.

Amazon Echo Dot

echo dot

Think of Amazon’s Alexa like the cheapest personal assistant he’ll ever had. By just saying a few simple words, Alexa will read out his calendar, order a pizza, turn on Netflix, play music, or even inform him of the weather forecast. You don’t realize how helpful it is to go handsfree until you’ve got a newborn in tow.



Even the manliest of dads need a shave every now and then. This Father’s Day, help yours look sharp with a membership to Harry’s. Harry’s delivers high quality razors and grooming products for an extremely reasonable rate. Dad will receive replacement razor cartridges every month, so he’ll get to experience the unbridled joy of shaving with a fresh new blade anytime. Aside from the razors themselves, there’s a host of other stuff Dad will love, like face moisturizers and shave gel.  I’ve used this service with no hassles thus far and the quality is hard to beat.



In a world dominated by diapers and baby formula, Dad is probably living off leftovers. Well, it’s time to put a stop to that. Blue Apron takes the stress out of meal planning – every week, Blue Apron sends out a box of all the freshest ingredients needed to make three meals (perfect for two people so both dad and mom can indulge).  The box arrives at your doorstep and the ingredients last for days.  Blue Apron makes spending time in the kitchen fun again, and I’m sure your newly minted culinary skills will make Dad proud.

Trunk Club


Who doesn’t like a well dressed man? Trunk Club takes the stress out of shopping – with Trunk Club, you can pick up a full selection of clothes every month without ever stepping foot in a mall. Each month, Trunk Club’s personal stylist will send along a selection of clothing and accessories curated to his taste, whether it’s simple, trendy, or classic. Best part? He only pays for the items he wants to keep.  I personally love the ability to have each box become more and more tailored to your personal needs.



Let’s face it.  Dads have a tendency to lose things. Luckily, Tile has your back. Slip the small square into your wallet, keys, or onto anything else you  would lose frequently, and the Tile app will allow you to track your essentials, right from your phone. Can’t find your phone?  Just press your tile square and it’ll cue your phone to start beeping until you locate it.  Pretty neat huh?

Beer of the Month Club


So thanks to his kid, Dad’s probably not making it out to guy’s night as much as he used to. Give him a way to unwind right from his very home with Beer of the Month Club. Every month, Beer of the Month Club will send twelve handcrafted, small-batch brews to his doorstep.  Babysitting and beer anyone?

L’Occitane Cedrat Morning Ritual Kit


Now I know you all must be thinking this one is a bit off, but gentlemen Dads need pampering too.  I have to be honest I was hesitant when I first tried this, but the product is one of the best on the market.  Though we know it’s entirely worth it, those sleepless nights can do a number on a Dad’s skin. Help him pamper himself for once with the help of this kit.


There you have it folks, some great ideas for the Dads in your lives.  Because Dads do it their way… the Play Your Way.


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