Raising the Bar: Fuego Box

Let’s face it, there are very few advantages to being an adult past the age of 25. By then you’ve already benefited from buying alcohol legally, gotten your own place, decided your path toward starting a career and hopefully you’ve rented your first car. But if you work hard enough, the responsibilities that come with adulting won’t be completely outweighed by the sole the remaining benefit: expendable income set aside for conspicuous consumption. And nothing identifies more closely with throwing money at your personal comfort and happiness (aside from…well nevermind) than subscription boxes. And literally there are SO many subscription boxes on the market today.

While experimenting with a few, I happened to stumble upon a gem called the Fuego Box.

Really? A box of hot sauces?

Chill…we’ll get there. As I was saying – trying out new hot sauces is easy but finding the right ones that taste awesome is not. Likewise, pairing with the right food (like a fine wine) is also a journey. That’s where Fuego Box comes in. Available as a subscription for yourself or as a gift, this service brings boxes of little-known, high-quality hot stuff right to your door, with an emphasis on flavor over mind-melting heat. Every purchase helps support small, spicy businesses throughout the U.S. and no long-term commitment is necessary.  This is perfect for those of you trying to spice up your kitchen (pun intended).

But why hot sauce subscription?

Remember, we live in a society where finding tribes of like-minded individuals is no longer set aside for the wealthy. Whether you collect watches, fine ties, bottles of top shelf beverages or (in this case) hot sauces, being a man/woman who is well-traveled bespeaks of culture. Investing in any subscription box service is just that – an investment. It gives you something to talk about over a meal whether business or pleasure. So don’t sleep on the sauce.

My Two Cents

I personally enjoyed this box service.  With no hassle, they have sent me great products to sample and it truly allows me to enjoy cooking all over again.  Whether you are into hot sauce or not, this is something you must try!

Play on players and remember…



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