“Romphims” will become a thing and here’s 4 reasons why you should let it

Well, if you haven’t been living under a proverbial rock in the last few days now, your social media is likely filled with talks of male rompers and their newfound place in everyday discussion. Many are questioning the androgynous look in general as the worst thing since the “my dad’s a lawyer” high cut shorts that you’d find lamented at a frat party with a couple Brock’s and Chad’s looking as Hollister as possible.

Lets keep noted that the romphim, in my humble, Urban Outfitters, skinny jeans wearing  opinion, is quite function-less and overtly cheesy but we need to make this happen. Not for the culture, but just so we can get past it.


Wait... I'm going somewhere with this. 
Hear me out.


1: It will come and go, as fads typically do:hbz-worst-trends-70s-jumpsuits-for-men

I think we all are guilty of terrible fashion decisions in our teenage years, from JNCO pants, see-through air forces (raises hand), but lets be clear, that our parents and/or grandparents were out here looking like they were in a  Swedish Mariachi band fused with the Isley Brothers. SHONUFF!

Also ask your mom about her bell-bottoms and those frumpy, sequin-everything dresses. I’m sure she’ll be just as embarrassed that she wore them.

Let romphim be a part of that embarrassing clothing article time capsule. Laughter is a cure-all.

2: Dudes that skip leg day likely won’t wear them


I am by no means advocating for anyone to skip leg day, however, dudes that wear romphims will need to at least have somewhat of a decent leg workout game, or legs that would benefit showcasing. Chicken leg Brad that trains chest and back 6 days a week may find himself in a bit of an embarrassing situation in something of the male romper persuasion.

On the flip-side, if your leg gains are that of epic proportions, romphims won’t be comfortable enough and you’ll just wear regular shorts or pants.



3: The Romphim memes are gold.


The internet will provide transitional meme therapy free of charge. Keep them coming.


4: You don’t HAVE to wear it, to accept that it’s a thing


A leader doesn’t necessarily need to embrace every single fashion innovation that makes its way to mainstream culture in an almost cult status appeal. Be true to what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new concepts, but also know your limits or constraints with certain clothing items. Simply put; if it matches your fly and you can pull it off without looking like a Brock, go for it. If its not a part of an aesthetic you’d see yourself pulling off, and you’re typically a “play it safe” fashion guy, don’t do it.

Won’t see me in that s**t, though. lol


As always, do it the Player Way,



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