FILM: If you thought Blockbuster Video was a thing of the past, you’d technically be wrong

FILM: If you thought Blockbuster Video was a thing of the past, you’d technically be wrong

When I was 17, nothing was more important than two things: WWE and Action Movies. Back in those days, if you showed up to the locker room at school the day after a major media event for either of the aforementioned categories, in certain circles you lost street cred. In certain cases, there was only one day to rehabilitate your watercooler talk ammunition: Enter Blockbuster video.

The welcoming bluish hue of the gold trimmed sign was your ticket to on-demand entertainment. Rows and rows of seemingly endless entertainment for a fraction of the cost of going to the theaters. All the trimmings of gummy bears and cotton candy for the girls, and the latest Playstation/Nintendo 64 new release for rent for the boys. And after they both went to sleep, mom and dad could watch their favorite film together and share prebuttered and salted mircowave corn that they bought at the checkout counter that was in the familiar movie tub. America was once this great.

However we all know what happened at the turn of the century, the death of a great american brand…or were we all wrong?

Truth: Blockbuster video is not dead, or at least not yet. According to the Washington Post (via Alaska Dispatch News –, “Alaska remains the last stronghold for Blockbuster Video.”

As a former Blockbuster Video CSR, I was shocked and intrigued by this news. Take a look at the video that CBS Sunday Morning produced recently about this handful of stores that thrive despite the march of time and technology. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.


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