TV: The Bluths are gassing up the stair car, Arrested Development new season teased

TV: The Bluths are gassing up the stair car, Arrested Development new season teased

It’s been nearly 4 years since season 4 of Arrested Development first premiered via Netflix. At that time, original content on streaming only/on-demand content providers was still a very fresh thing; so when it was revealed that Netflix was taking over the cult classic about a man (Michael Bluth), his son named after a since passed music legend (George Michael) and his neurotic (albeit well intentioned, despite their penchant for self-humiliation) family – fans everywhere were abuzz and tuned-in.

Now in 2017, again the buzz is building as according to breaking news via the Hollywood Reporter, the man portrayed by Jason Bateman is gassing up his prized vehicle for a well-welcomed return to the small screen. Take a look at Bateman’s tweet:

While its pretty much universally agreed that the last season we all got via Netflix revival was slightly underwhelming,  there remains an audience out there who are demanding and awaiting with bated breath. And while the cult following has dwindled, these days a show doesn’t have to do huge numbers to be considered a success which begs the question: Is this really happening?

At this time series creator Mitchel Hurwitz and previous airing network Netflix both have remained silent on said development. Likewise, stars have been known to troll fans and tease series returns as an effort to show demand to help push the studio into action and invoke/close a deal, so our advice – stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated as news bubbles.


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